ORIGIN: Country of AnthetonEdit

"Exclusive" to the city of Diamele, where such an establishment was created, a Beirshome is a business where men and women live for a period of several weeks, months or years on open contracts to sell sex to the public.

No virgins are allowed to work at such a business, although they can come to learn or study the concept.

There are only 4 Beirshomes, and in respect of their country they place them within Diamele in the same manner as the Whitrrion capitols are placed within Antheton. Many see this as mockery, but in truth it is a sign of a promise that they will never let such acts stray father than those 4 set points.

Each Beirshome has it's own style and manner of business to be carried out in a way that expresses the variety of views. It is uncertain who was first to establish the entire concept, or even why each establishment is as specific as it is, but tradition and specific rules understood between each business are witheld almost religiously.

North Beirshome:Edit

The extravagant, with it's back to the mountains.

East Beirshome:Edit

The formal and social, albeit somewhat selective of clients.

West Beirshome:Edit

The most serene, they center their focus on the spiritual aspects of the body. Baths, meditation and simply restful accomodations make this the least intimidating to travelers. Many Sillem even see this as a form of Temple, though do not reccomend it as an equivalent. Sexual activities are minor here, and are usually limited to sensual massages, emotional consoling and counceling for those in love, newly married or desperate for encouragment and tips for their lovelife. This makes it the most popular among the young and lovelorn, or older and seeking a new form of relaxation.

South Beirshome:Edit

More study and less play,